The Cornelia Cole Fairbanks Chapter NSDAR was organized in 1907 with twenty-eight charter members.  Our chapter celebrated its Centennial on June 2, 2007, with the presentation of a plaque at the headstone of our namesake, Cornelia Cole Fairbanks, at Crown Hill cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana.

     Our chapter meetings will be held at the Fairbanks Mansion on the south-west corner of Meridian and 30th Street beginning at 1:00 PM.  The Cornelia Cole Fairbanks Chapter welcomes guests and potential members to attend meetings. For more information, please contact our Chapter Regent, Ariane Kurtz Spidel.


Our Patriot Ancestors
We celebrate the founding of our chapter by remembering our patriot ancestors who sacrificed their lives and fortunes to establish the United States of America.

Delaware-There are currently no chapter daughters with patriot ancestores who served  from this state.


Pennsylvania~ Pvt. William Hall * Pvt. Thomas Herron * Capt. Andrew Robb * Pvt. Leonard Snepp * Pvt. Benjamin Sutton Jr. * Pvt. George Brenner * Andrew Trumbo * Ens. William Elliott * Pvt. Thomas Herring * Pvt. John Irwin * Pvt. Jacob Baer * Pvt. Charles Timmons * Pvt. Daniel Axtell

New Jersey~ Capt. Samuel Ball * Pvt. James Colson * Capt. James Stagg * Pvt. William Stillwell * Pvt. James Tappan *


Georgia~ Lt. William Black * Pvt. Adrian Anglin * Sol. Thomas Stevens * Sol John Harris *

Connecticut~ Samuel Hull * Ezekiel Maine * Pvt. Phineas Parker * NONCOM Barzilla Willey

Massachusetts~ Pvt. Cadwell Phelps * Pvt. William Whitney * Sgt. Stephen Kelly * Calvin Ransom * Pvt. Lemuel Bicknell * Pvt. Parker Feich * Ps. Richard Kelley * Sgt. Joseph Ludden *

Maryland~ Mesech Hunt * Pvt. John Smith * Pvt. William Smoot * Adam Porter

South Carolina~ Capt. John Martin


New Hampshire~ Capt. Benjamin Folsom * Pvt. Antipas Howe * Pvt.  Robert Forrest * Benjamin Richards * Daniel Richards *

Virginia~ Lt. Thomas Arbuckle * Pvt. John Essary * Rev. John Garrard * Pvt. John Grinstead * Pvt. Thomas Jameson * Capt. Samuel Jones * Pvt. Cottrell Lively * Pvt. John Mayfield * Lt. William Moss * Capt. John Paxton Jr. * Maj. Michael Rader * Thomas Ryan * Pvt. Achilles Stapp * William Stuart * Cpt. William Jordan * Lt. Minor Winn * Lt. Daniel Guerrant * Cpt. William Garrard * Michael Harness Sr. * Jonathan Hughes * Ps. George Dillard * Ps. Elizabeth Triplett * Sol. William Morse * Capt. Benjamin Folsom * Pvt. Casper Potter * Pvt. Thomas Jameson * William Gatewood * Robert Taylor * James Trusler * William Stewart * Ensign Edward Stewart *

New York~ Cpl. Cornelius Bouck * Pvt. Samuel Demary * Pvt. Nathaniel Gildersleeve * Sgt. Benjamin Paine * Pvt. Archibald Robertson * John Sackett * Pvt. Samuel Demarest

North Carolina~ William Clendenin * Capt. Enoch Davis * Luke Lamb * Pvt. William Robbins * Benjamin Samuels * William Webb * Pvt. James Yarborough * Adam Spach, SR.  * Pvt. Jesse Brock * Pvt. Moses Walker *Jacob Blount * Pvt. Cav Tim Jacob Young * Benjamin Beeson * Pvt. James Stevens * Maj. Joseph Harding

Rhode Island~ Pvt. Isaac Fisk

Vermont ~ Pvt. Robert Forrest

Chapter Officers 2013 - 2014

Regent -  Ariane Spidel
1st Vice Regent - Dee Crabtree 
2nd Vice Regent - Claire Rutledge
Chaplain - Eleanor Miller
Recording Secretary - Pam Kemper
Corresponding Secretary - Karen Ann Duggan Towler
Treasurer - Shawna Smith
Registrar - Liz Howard
Historian - Herma Compton
Librarian - Betty Duggan
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